Berlin Nightlife: Pfefferberg

Photograph by Francois Planche via Flickr Creative Commons Located in the district of Prenzlauer Berg, which is located near the Citystay Hostel, this building was built in 1841 to be a brewery, however it is now home to every kind of artist. This cool building is home to an array of clubs and live music events held inside and range from Pop to Electronic, to Jazz. They also have festivals read more…


Historic Berlin: Bebelplatz

Photograph by grazia via Flickr Creative Commons Bebelplatz is located between the Staatsoper Unter Den Linden, the Humboldt University and the Sankt-Hedwigs-Kathedrale. It’s also a short bus ride from the Citystay Hostel. The spot was supposed to be the centre of the ‘Forum Fredericianum’ with an opera house and palace surrounding it. Because of the outbreak of the First Silesian War in 1740 this project was not realised and the read more…


Citystay Hostel Travel Tips: Berlin Cathedral

  Photograph via Pixabay Commons The Berlin Cathedral is located on the Museumsinsel (Museum Island), which is just a short walk or bus ride from Citystay Hostel. Photograph by Stephan White via Flickr Creative Commons This grand cathedral was built between 1894 to 1905. One must-see feature in this majestic site for its crypt filled with the marble and tin sarcophagi of Hohenzollern princes and kings. There’s also a viewing read more…


Citystay Hostel Travel Tips: Fernsehturm (TV Tower)

Photograph via Pixabay Commons Standing at 1,207 ft. (368 m), the Fernsehturm, also known as the TV Tower is the tallest structure in Berlin and the third tallest in Europe. The best part? It’s a five-minute walk from the Citystay Hostel! Photograph via Pixabay Commons   This disco ball in the sky is one of Berlin’s most popular symbols. This disco ball in the sky is visible from nearly any read more…


Citystay Hostel Travel Tips: Another Country Bookstore

Photograph by Lola Abrera ( Part bookshop, part library, this eclectic, brainy hub is a “country” of its own. Photograph via Another Country’s Facebook Page The “cult” leader of “Another Country” is Alan Raphaeline, who would be more than happy challenge anyone and everyone in extemporaneous discussions/debates about almost any topic (except for Harry Potter). This cool, little hole-in-the-wall shop has a myriad of events, such as: Tuesday film nights, read more…