17 maggio 2015

Döner in Berlin!


Photograph via Flickr Creative Commons


The scent of fresh meat roasting on a spit will have your mouth watering and your stomach rumbling. Turkish Döner is Berlin’s healthier version of McDonald’s: incredibly addicting, fast and wallet friendly. These filling snacks are a city favorite where urbanites nosh on it for lunch or dinner but most especially after a heady night of clubbing. There is even secret parties dedicated to this fast food treat, known as “sexy doner” (www.sexydoener.de) which are held in various Döner shops all over town.

There are several variations to these filling snacks, but the traditional Döner sandwiches are often made up of lamb, beef or chicken slices, salad, an array of sauces that are all wrapped in a toasted flatbread. Vegetarians can also enjoy this city favorite since these establishment have meatless options such as crispy Falafel, which are fried chickpea or spiced fava bean patties, or a succulent salad. Prices range from €1,50 to €3.