17 maggio 2015

Citystay Travel Tips: St. George’s English Bookshop


A visit to St. George’s English Bookshop is one of the more relaxing ways you could spend a saturday in Berlin. Pass by the organic food market on a saturday and load up on fresh strawberries and gourmet cheese, then just a block away you’ll find this busy bookshop. The quaint shop is loaded with an array of quality new and used books ranging from philosophy to pop culture. For the bibliophile in you, searching for a rare book would not be an unsurmountable feat, as the staff can special order any kind of book your craving for. With its large comfortable leather sofas and the sounds of soothing jazz playing in the background, spending a few hours curled up with a book is inevitable. It is also a great home for film buffs, as it plays a variety of films with English or German subtitles for the pocket friendly price of 3 Euros (which is inclusive of a drink). For those lost souls visiting or living in Berlin, St. George’s English Bookshop can be, to quote Hemingway, your “clean, well-lighted place.”



Wörther Straße 27, Prenzlaur Berg

U2 Eberswalder Str.