17 maggio 2015

Citystay Travel Tips: Christmas Markets in Berlin

Sure, winter is dark and cold, but it’s also the season for Christmas Markets! From bright , sparkling lights to the smell of roasted chestnuts, Berlin is the best city to experience the holidays. The best part? There are a few markets near the Citystay Hostel! So gear up and grab a steaming hot mug of glühwein and enjoy these must-see markets!


Weihnachtsmarkt Am Alexanderplatz



Photograph by Robert Agthe via Flickr Creative Commons

Just a hop and skip away from the Citystay Hostel—it’s literally just across the street—this fun market is imbibed with a rollickin’ spirit! Held in Alexanderplatz, this market is a bit on the touristy side, but it still has plenty of great eats, good beer, and even a little cabin-bar where you can escape to if it gets too cold. Plus, there are musicians and buskers all over the place and thereby infusing some great holiday tunes to your holiday market-wandering soundtrack.


Weihnachts Zauber Gendarmenmarkt

Public connections directly to Gendarmenmarkt:

U2 and U6 Stadtmitte


Photograph by VisitBerlin via Flickr Creative Commons

Held in a historic square with two stunning churches in the background, it’s not hard to see why Gendarmenmarkt is Berlin’s most popular Christmas Market. There’s an inexpensive entrance fee (1 Euro), but it’s more than worth that amount. From live performances to truly unique stalls, there’s much to discover and explore in this lively market. Plus, Gendarmenmarkt is like stepping into a fairy tale thanks to all the beautiful décor. And if you don’t want to head out too far, have no fear—the Gendarmenmarkt is just a short trip away from the Citystay Hostel.

Lucia Christmas market


Schönhauser Allee 36-39


Photograph by Manuela Hoffmann via Flickr Creative Commons

Seeking a Nordic-themed holiday? Then head over to the Lucia Christmas market, which is located in the Kulturbrauerie in Prenzlauer Berg—also near the Citystay Hostel.

Here, you’ll find a variety of glühwein concoctions from all over northern Europe!

The Green Christmas Market

Glashaus Berlin

Eichenstraße 4


Seeking an eco-friendly Christmas market? Head off to the Green Christmas Market—the first vegan Christmas market in Berlin! From vegan and vegetarian-friendly snacks and treats to cool eco-conscious products, this market will help you enjoy the holidays guilt-free! *There’s a 2 Euro entrance fee.

Holy Heimat Weihnachtsmarkt

Revaler Str. 99 (Ecke Dirschauer Str.), Berlin, Germany


Tired of tourists? Love hipster culture? Seeking something artsy, kitschy, and cool? Then the Holy Heimat Weihnachtsmarkt is the place for you! From delish street food to cool clothing, art, and design stalls, this market is a haven for artists and art-lovers. Plus, you really can’t beat the great music and the chill, happy vibe. (Pssst! They also have a disco ice skating rink!)