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Visited! Visions Alive – Hieronymus Bosch at alte Münze in Berlin Mitte

Are you into Renaissance art or even just into monsters? Then visit this exhibition!

Ever wished to get a closer look of all the visions of the famous Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch created more than 500 years ago in Netherlands?

Normally his original work is shown in famous museums like the Prado in Madrid, Spain or the Louvre, Paris. Now with a different but still impressive approach here in the heart of Berlin. Reason was the 500th anniversary of his death in 2016.

All the monsters, mythical creatures with its great variety of details you can explore now close to our citystay Hostel (7 min walking distance) at alte Münze.

The exhibition at alte Münze (engl. old coin) is placed in the inner courtyard and wasn’t easy to find at first sight. After crossing the lobby you finally get a glimpse of the world Bosch created long time ago.The artwork is presented on wide screens and the guests are invited to literally dive into the world which was created in the Renaissance era. Even with many guests in the same room the ambiance is quiet and relaxed.

The creatures shown are cutting from his famous triptychs (e.g. the Garden of Earthly Delights created ca. 1500). Edited and animated this mythical world is made alive, as the title says: Bosch’s visions alive. Combined with sounds and more animations the visitors quickly find themselves being part of this world sitting either on cubes or very comfortable beanbags. Finally you can get take a closer and much more intimate look to all the details of every creature floating on the big screens.

Presented in a loop of around 30 minutes you can explore this world of a Renaissance nightmare which is impressive for young and old.

The exhibition has been extended until June 2017 and it’s worth exploring.  

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