17 17UTC mayo 17UTC 2015

Klunkerkranich: Coolest Rooftop Bar in Berlin


Photograph by ekvidi via Flickr Creative Commons

In need of a spot to chill out? Eager to see the dusk descend over the city? Head on over to Klunkerkranich! This rooftop bar–located on the top floor of the NeuköllnArkaden mall, of all places–is the most unique of all rooftop bars. It’s artsy, edgy, and fancy-free. In short, it’s everything that people love about about Neukölln all wrapped up in one place.


Photograph by ekvidi via Flickr Creative Commons

And it’s uber coolness is certainly no accident since the bar was created by a group of Berlin party organizers, who aspired to create a space that would give folks a place to relax and hangout.

Photograph by ekvidi via Flickr Creative Commons9242110040_70fde0d2f9_z


Photograph by ekvidi via Flickr Creative Commons

This rooftop hotspot, which also means «waffled crane» in German, will give you a complete view of the city, making it one of the best places to catch the sunset (or sunrise, if you’re partying hard!). But more than the spectacular views, the area is designed to maximize mingling yet still provide enough space and cozy corners for those seeking to separate themselves from the pack.



Photograph by ekvidi via Flickr Creative Commons

The area features a main ‘house’, where you can get drinks at the bar or order food, an enclosed area shaped like a Teepee (perfect for group gatherings), as well as a multitude of outdoor decks, a sandbox (yep, you read that right–a sandbox!), sun swings, urban gardening, benches, and tables. Plus, there’s non-stop music that you can dance to, as well as scheduled live acts. But the best part about Klunkerkranich is the vibe: it’s hip yet doesn’t strive to exclude anyone. In Klunkerkranich, there’s no such thing as being too cool or too uncool, no need to dress up (unless you want to), and you can come with friends or simply head there on your own. It’s a place where you can–and should–‘come as you are’, whatever shape or trip or type that is. Tattooed or straightlaced, young or old, social butterfly or wallflower, Klunkerkranich will certainly feel like home.