17 17UTC mayo 17UTC 2015

Citystay Travel Tips: Terrific Tiergarten

Want to experience the outdoors without having to head too far? Then check out the Tiergarten Park, which is just a short bus ride from the Citystay Hostel! Best of all? It’s a even more beautiful during Autumn and Winter.



Photograph by Sebastian Stein via Flickr Creative Commons

Tiergarten is Berlin’s largest park and is considered as the ultimate relaxation spot. Its beautiful landscape originally served as the hunting grounds for the Prussian princes until the 18th century.


Photograph by Justin via Flickr Creative Common

The architect Peter Joseph Lenné made it into a sprawling English style park in 1818 and later adding breathtaking statues in 1850. These 32 marble sculptures located on the former Siegesallee (Avenue of Victory) by Wilhelm II were made to depict the royal ancestors but were dismissed by Berliners «puppets». However, Hitler relocated Siegesallee and resulted in the remains being dismantled after the war. Tiergarten is also considered as the «Diplomatic quarter» of Berlin as the grounds directly border onto the Reichstag. Despite its intimidating and immense history and significance, the park is now a favorite for Berliners as a place to relax, stroll and sunbathe nude in bright yellow speedos during the summer.


Photograph by via Flickr Creative Commons

The Loveparade also makes it way through the Tiergarten every year wherein it makes its grand conclusion at the centre called Siegessäule. The massive white mansionlike building that you’ll find looming over the trees is the Schloss Bellevue, which is the seat of the federal president is also in Tiergarten as is the former Hall of Congress (presently, House of World Cultures). If the sicklysweet handholding couples sauntering through the park has triggered your gag reflex, you can still head over to the Kulturforum and the Potsdamer Platz where you’ll find tourists and capitalistic merchandise to reinstill the comfortable, Berlinerlike cynicism in you.