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Berlinale: International Film Festival 2017

Berlinale Film Festival 2017! Hurray Glamour and artsy-fartsy motion pictures!

What is Berlinale?

Founded in 1951, It’s one of the main film festivals in Europe and in case you know the Cannes or Venice Film Festival already, you get a glimpse of the fanciness they combine. 2017 it will be the 67th time that Berlin’s theatres are opening their doors to show a great variety of different films which are all worth watching. Public discussions, meets and greets with movie makes, producers and actors always have been part of this festival. It’s based on the idea of offering a forum for cultural exchange between an active audience and the creators behind the screen.

What to expect this year on the film festival?

All cinemas being part of the Berlinale Film Festival 2017 will show a total amount of 399 international movies this year. A short list of three selected movies will might help you deciding what to check out and see on the festival:

The Dinner (USA 2016)

A chamber drama made by Oren Moverman is offering a family gathering full of tensions in a hip restaurant between two brothers and along with their wives. With every course more dark secrets of the family and each member are brought up to the table.

One of those movies everyone seems to know when family comes together and the longer the time spent together passes by, tensions, arguments and emotional confrontations seem to emerge.

T2 Trainspotting  (GB 2016)

Another sequel of a classic cult movie? Hopefully as great the his original flic made again by Danny Boyle we can finally get to know what happened to the main character Renton who stole the money from his friends after the heroin deal. In his iconic epilogue cynically criticising our society everyone might asked himself whether he ended up founding a family or becoming part of the system of society and what might have happened to all this friends. Everything seemed to have changed at first sight, yet the chaos and Rentons search for the meaning of life continues.

GABI (Germany 2016)

A new movie made by the film student and fresh talent Michael Fetter Nathansky gives a glimpse into the busy life of Gabi, who works as a floor tiler. With work and her support for the apprentice even in his private problems (unsuccessful attemps using several methods to quit with his girlfriend e.g.) she tries to run away from the void of her own personal life.

Quoting the director the film is trying to express that just talking doesn’t mean change in consequence and at there are still many things left words barely can describe yet a movie can show.

Who to see on the red carpet and where?

Loads of famous famous fancy celebrities of course. From C to Catherine Deneuve until H for Hugh Jackman and many more of course. In case you see yourself as glamour junkie, film fan or just as a hobby paparazzo?

Then go to Potsdamer Platz at the Sony Center to get a chance to meet your favourite stars and film creators who promote their movies on the red carpet.

How to get there?

From the hostel, you just need to hop on the Bus M48 (Direction Zehlendorf Eiche) and you’ll hop off there within 15 min!

Where to get tickets?

Be quick! Ticket selling already started!

On- and Offline:  https://www.berlinale.de/en/programm/tickets/index.html