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Buroughs of Berlin

In a city of 3.4 million inhabitants and 12 buroughs (bezirke), where you live is a good indicator of your social identity, alignments and affiliations.


Photograph by Seb via Flickr Creative Commons


The popular districts of Charlottenberg, Wilmersdorf, and Tiergarten are mostly comprised of the crème de la crème of the Berlin society, including business bigwigs, city celebrities, and international V.I.P.’s.



Photograph by Olly via Flickr Creative Commons

Schöneberg is another upper class area but is known for its gay population and left-wing attitudes.


Photograph by Alexander via Flickr Creative Commons

Mitte is divided into the the affluent locals in the Friedrichstrasse and Unter den Linden section whilst the younger, student crowd are situated towards the north.


Photograph by Sascha Coleman via Flickr Creative Commons

Prenzlauer Berg, situated in the northern section of Mitte, is known for the “BoBo’s” (Bourgeoisie Bohemians) and is becoming one of the city’s favored districts for expatriates, artists, and young families.


Photograph by Matthias Liebing via Flickr Creative Commons

Other artsy buroughs include Friedrichshain and the Bergmanstrasse area of Kruezberg which is known for the many non-conformist beatniks, punks, and fashionistas.



Friedrichshain. Photograph by Steffi Reichert via Flickr Creative Commons


Bergmanstrasse. Photograph by Dawn Paley via Flickr Creative Commons.

On the other hand, Kreuzberg’s Kottbusser Tor section is known for its large Turkish population and myriad of alternative parties, such as the infamous „Doner Parties“.

mural-289359_1280Photograph via Pixabay


Neukölln is another new hotspot, often heralded as the “new Kreuzberg,” this part of Berlin is a cultural melting pot with people coming from Turkey, Asia, and Africa.


Photograph by Hell Dorado via Flickr Creative Commons

Wedding is another hotspots. Once touted as the „place where people go to disappear and settle down“, the district has experienced a renaissance of sorts. The cost of living has indeed gone up in the rest of Berlin, while rent in Wedding is still generally inexpensive. Thus, the area has drawn in a new generation of artists and independents who have made the burough their home. Many people say that Wedding–and it’s sudden surge in popularity–is comparable the way Brooklyn has grown into a hipster hotspot.

6244568524_17dfe900da_zPhotograph by Victoria Calligo y Solivella via Flickr Creative Commons