Sunday May 17th, 2015

Citystay Travel Tips: Gotta-have-it Travel Gear


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Getting ready for your big trip to Berlin? The Citystay Hostel staff is here to share their best travel tips! For this blog post, we’ll be sharing our best gotta-have-it gear for a fun trip!

When packing for a big trip, it’s tempting to include everything save for the kitchen sink. However, with so much time spent on the road–especially if you’ll be carrying all your gear on your back–you’ll soon realize that you really will need to pack light for a truly fun trip. (Plus, imagine the backache you’ll have!)

So when it comes to packing, heed these wise words:

“Pack everything that you think you need. Walk around the block to see how it feels. More often than not, you’ll be raring to remove half of the items in your backpack.”

So how do you travel comfortably and with ease, without skimping on the things that you really do need–or, at the very least, will help you with your journey?

The answer: Choosing and investing in smart travel gear.

While essentials like clothes and toiletries aside are a given, this list of essential travel gear will help you travel more efficiently with less bulk.



It may seem simpler to just roll your clothes and stuff it in your bag, but don’t count this cool travel item out just yet! The Hoboroll via Gobi Gear allows you to create even more space in your pack. This organizer helps you keep your foldable or rollable items in one container. And the container itself can be further compressed into a smaller, tighter roll–leaving you more room in your big backpack for your other gear. Plus, if you just need to take a short trip, you can use it on its own as well.



Whether you’ll be staying in hostel or camping in the mountains, a quick-drying easy-to-pack towel will make it easy for you to keep clean without worrying about having to carry a heavy, soggy towel around. The Sea to Summit DryLite Towel also has anti-bacterial properties, keeping bacteria at bay–thus keeping it stink-free.



Face it, if you’ll be on the road, you’re eventually going to need to do some laundry. And by “laundry”, we mean washing your clothes in the bathroom sink. And if you’re staying in a dorm or hostel, drying your delicates on top of random bunk beds might not be ideal. So an accessory like a peg-less clothesline makes it easy to dry your handwashed items overnight–without the need for clothes pins. Plus, it’s small, pocket-sized case makes it easy to tuck it away when not in use.



Wherever you go and whatever you do, always be prepared. And thanks to this tiny, compact, and virtually indestructible Sardine Can Survival kit, you won’t have any excuse not to carry it with you. This airtight, waterproof can comes with 25 essential survival items such as a hook and line (no food? go fish!), a compass, first aid supplies, matches, razor blades and more.



Stay connected (nearly) anywhere in the world thanks to the GO-SIM CARD, which provides coverage in 195 countries all over the world. While it’s tempting to leave your phone behind, having a sim card will make it easier to make plans or reservations, as well as have a phone for emergency situations.



Whether you’re a photojournalist on a rough-and-tumble adventure or a professional traveling for an important business meeting, keeping your essential files safe is extremely important. And while a hard drive is the best way to store your files and photos, most hard drives are extremely vulnerable–dropping or getting your hard drive wet or dusty could result in major data loss. But thanks to this rugged hard drive, which is covered in a rubber material that keeps your data drop-proof (up to 78 inches / 2 meters), you can be as active and as rugged as you want without worrying about losing your most valuable data. Plus, it’s lightweight and has 1 TB storage capacity and features an AES 256-bit encryption system.



Sure, carabiners are items that most people pack anyway but this Mountain Gear Series Water Resistant Carabiner Clip-On Watch with LED Micro Light takes it up a notch. More than a simple carabiner, this useful piece is also a water-resistant watch and has an LED night beam torch light.



There’s nothing better than heading to the beach or pool while on vacation, but carrying necessities–and having to find a place to put it in without fear that it’ll get stolen–can be a drag. But have no fear, the Reef Stash Sandals will keep your precious tootsies AND your gear protected. These comfy yet durable sandals have a secret slot where you can hide valuables like cash, credit cards, and keys so that you can jump into the water without constantly having to keep an eye out on your stuff.



Whether it’s used to bide time until your next flight connection, on the bus to your destination, or just relaxing on the beach, reading is something that travelers all love–and need–to do. But carrying all those heavy books is no fun at all. However, an e-book reader will solve your storage woes and satisfy the bookworm in you. Thanks to Amazon’e Kindle E-book reader, you can bring a library of books–200 books, in fact–without worrying about space or baggage weight.



Every traveler heading to a foreign country should make sure to bring an adapter. However, instead of having to bring several adapters, simple get an all-in-one adapter which can work for any trip that you take and can last a long time.