Wednesday January 6th, 2016

TANZTAGE BERLIN 2016 – Festival of Dance

The 25th edition of the festival will be held this year from the 7th-17th January once more at Sophiensæle – one of the most important locations for German-speaking independent theatre-production.

Performances include elements of the visual arts, sounds, music and language, others are inspired by current political events. Pop-cultural references and genres such as striptease and breakdance, club culture, talk shows and pop music are part of the festival too.

Founded in 1996 by Germany’s contemporary modern dance star, Sasha Waltz (with partners Jochen Sandig, Jo Fabian und Dirk Cieslak), Sophiensæle is located in the former building of the craftsman’s association. Constructed in 1904/1905, the complex contains over 90 rooms, complete with a restaurant with a beer garden, a library, a skittle alley and a banquet hall.

From citystay Hostel it’s only a 10 min. walk to Sophienstraße, a good reason to explore the neighbourhood 😉

Online-tickets can be purchased through their official website: or through booking offices around Alexanderplatz.

Presale or 2 hours before the beginning of each performance at the box office you can purchase a ticket in the Sophiensæle yard.

Each day of the festival you can also find performances free of charge. The full festival programme is available on the official Sophiensaele Website.

Admission Fee: 14 Euros; 9 Euros with discount

So, don’t just walk, DANCE !!!!