Sunday May 17th, 2015

Party Hotspots in Berlin

HOT Berlin Bars & Clubs

Want to make the most out of your trip? Turn up the heat this summer with a trip to these scintillating Berlin hot spots!

Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain. S-­Bahn Ostbahnhof

Called Berghain by Berliners and Panorama by tourist (go figure), this is the edgiest place to be in the city. It is both the ultimate party and after­party spot. Just getting to the club has the feel of stepping into an old ’80s horror flick. You’ll find yourself walking on a dirt road through a construction site. At the end of the road is a graffiti covered asylum­like building highlighted by the full moon and an intimidating gold­mouthed bouncer smiling before you. That is your destination. A mix of fear, excitement, and pumping noise makes your blood rush to your head. The line can often be massive and chaotic and the trouble of getting in makes the place even more appealing. Adorned with piercings and tattoos on every crevice of his body, the bouncer looks you up and down. Glare back. Having some bite works, sweet and eager does not. Once your in, you’ll be patted down and double­checked for cameras and body fat. If you’ve been lonely, it can be a wonderful experience. The music beats louder and faster as you walk up the stairs unto a room with boarded up windows and gyrating bodies. If the party animal in you becomes somewhat exhausted, the lounge area, with its dim red lights and hidden dealings, can be a good place to decompress. Dance the night away and watch the sun try to peek its way through the boarded up windows. Once the boards are removed, the dancing bodies don’t stop­­if only to shield their eyes from the harsh light of day like city vampires.

Falckensteinstr. 49, Kruezberg. U1 Schlesisches Tor

“Location, location, location” and the Watergate, overlooking the River Spree, has the best one. It’s both a hip place to dance to the wild techno beats spun by world­renowed DJ’s and mingle on the outdoor porch. The first floor has a great lounge where you can take in the view of the water enjoy a spectacular sunrise, whilst the second floor is where main parties begin and end. The crowd is a good mix of trendy locals and wild travellers. It is a highly recommended first stop for the best of the Berlin clubbing experience.

Lychener StraBe 15, Prenzlaur Berg U2 Eberswalder Str.


Image by Maxim K from Flickr Creative Commons

Aptly named “Zu Mir Oder Zu Dir,” which when translated to english means “my place or yours” is a throwback to the ’60s style pads. With its hip furniture and laid­back atmosphere, it’s often crowded with hipsters and generation X­ers. The DJ’s spin hip beats as the attractive crowd
mingles and exchange sultry looks. There are an array of drinks to choose from assisted by helpful bartenders. It is THE place to chill out and enjoy the Berlin scene. Groovy, baby!

BAR 25
Holzmakstr 25, Friedrichshain U1 Warshauer Strasse


This is THE busiest place to be in the city right now. The party goes on well into the afternoon, with people coming in to dance, mingle, or further a hangover. Situated alongside the River Spree, its both an outdoor hangout and a party cabin. The dance area is reminiscent of a log cabin with comfy sofas, cheap drinks, and thumping music. The outdoor area however, is just as fun. Make your head spin even faster as you enjoy childhood memories on the large wooden swing or watch the rickety boats go by for a visual sunrise feast.