Monday May 16th, 2016

Parks in Berlin … we visited them for you :-)

Berlin Parks

Viktoriapark – Kreuzberg

Spring, spring, spring! Winter is gone, nature is coming back! And as you may know, Berlin is a city full of nature. Parks are everywhere 🙂 So, we made some bike tours, to see what the parks look like, when they shake off winter and become the center of social life in summer.

Let’s start with “Viktoria Park”! Located in the famous district “Kreuzberg” on the top of the biggest hill in Berlin. Founded 1888, the park is more than 100 years old. But wait, there is something on that hill! A memorial for the indepentend war against france it was build 1821.

And if you ever wonder, where the name “Kreuzberg” is from, there is a cross (Kreuz) on the top of the building, on the top of a hill (Berg) = Kreuzberg 🙂

The whole area is under monumental protection and even if you are not so into history, it’s worth to visit. Have a look at our pictures:


Tip: “Glogatha” in the Viktoriapark
The “Golgatha”. is a Pub and beergarden located in the middle of the park. Enjoy some cold drinks at day and party at night!


How to get there from the citystay Hostel:


Kreuzbergstr. 15

10965 Berlin

U6 Platz der Luftbrücke