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International in Berlin : Russia

As you may know, Berlin is one of the most international cities in germany. Since ages it was a magnet for people from all over the world. Due to it’s location in the middle of europe, it was always a door to the east of europe. So, a lot of international communities established in Berlin. Here is on of them:


100.000 russian based people live in Berlin and of course, there is an remarkable influence on the city. The Russian community:



Latest Club & Russian Hits, the best hits from the 90s & 2000s, karaoke

Frankfurter Allee 98, Berlin Friedrichshain

Kaffee Burger

One of the oldest clubs with a russian/polish influenced party concept. Check out the Russendisko party 🙂

Torstr. 60, Berlin Mitte


A.Savin (Wikimedia Commons · WikiPhotoSpace)


Intermarkt Stolitschniy “Russian specialties”

Shopping on 800 square meter. There are over a hundred kinds of well-known Moscow

and Kazakh confection and of course the typical Russian pelmeni or pickled cod.

Landsberger Allee 116, Ecke Storkower Straße, Berlin Friedrichshain

Rossija – supermarket & imbiss

Here you will find a wide range of chocolate from Russia and other Russian food. In

Berlin all shops are closed on Sunday, but ‘Rossiya’ is open every day 24 hours

Stuttgarter Platz 36, S-Bahn Station Charlottenburg

Art & culture:

Russkie Knigi (Russian books)

Bookstore to buy literature in russian: from classical music to how to play Balalaika

Kantstraße 84, Berlin Wilmersdorf



Potato Pancakes, salmon caviar with blinis and crème fraîche goes well with vodka or

Krimsekt (sparkling wine).

Knaackstr. 22-24

Gorki Park

Traditional russian kitchen, Blinis (russian Pancakes), Pancakes with spinach or salmon or homemade pelmeni (dumplings) with different fillings. If you like an extensive breakfast, you definitely will get your money worth.

Weinbergsweg 25, Berlin Mitte


Besides shopping, food, music and vodka you can see the influence of russian people in Berlin. Of course, alot of visible marks in the city are connected to WW2 eg:

German-Russian Musseum Karlshorst

From their website: „The museum creates a space at the historic location of the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht on 8 May 1945 where a critical analysis of history and how it is remembered, where learning and encounters, and where understanding between Germans and Russians can take place.“

Zwieseler Straße 4, Berlin-Karlshorst


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  • AnagoriaEigenes Werk

Frankfurter Allee – „Stalin“ Allee

At this street you can see a massive impact of russian architecture of the 50’s. Once named after the russian leader „Stalin“ it’s still known as „Stalin-Avenue“ it was renamed to „Karl-Marx-Avenue“ and got back it’s original name „Frankfurter Avenue“ after the reunion of germany. Most of the buildings where build in the 50s in the so called „Zuckerbäckerstil“, a form of socialistic classicism you still find a lot in eastern europe.

There are hundrets of more russian influenced things to see in Berlin.

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