Sunday May 17th, 2015

Citystay Travel Tips: Berlin Guide for Bookworms!

Winter is the best time to cozy up in a cool, quirky lil’ bookshop! So head on over to Citystay hostel’s top picks for the best bookshops in Berlin!


East of Eden

Schreinerstr. 10, Friedrichshain

U5 Samariterstr

M-F: 9-7, Sat: 12-4

Finding this bookshop is quite the challenge, but for the truly passionate bibliophiles, it is an exciting treasure hunt that is worth the effort. It houses an impressive collection from hisory’s greatest writers, such as: Baudrillard, Sarte, Barthes, Kant, and of course, Steinbeck.

Books in Berlin

Goethestrasse 69, 10625 Berlin

Tel./Fax: (030) 31 31 233

Take a walk in the serene neighborhood of Charlottenburg and lose yourself in the “Books in Berlin” bookshop. Although the shop seems tiny from the outside, there is a basement that houses a mass of new and used english books. Though the shop is in a constant state of disarray, its “artistic chaos” is part of the shop’s charm. One other quirky aspect of the bookshop is its American owner, David Solomon, who will entertain you with his funny Mickey Mouse impersonations and charming Berlin stories.

Another Country

Reimannstr. 7, Kreuzberg

U7 Gneisenaustr.

Part bookshop, part library, this eclectic, brainy hub is a “country” of its own. The “cult” leader of “Another Country” is Alan Raphaeline, who would be more than happy challenge anyone and everyone in extemporaneous discussions/debates about almost any topic (except for Harry Potter). This cool, little hole-in-the-wall shop has a myriad of events, such as: Tuesday film nights, Thursday TV Nights, Friday Cooking Nights, and many other hip gigs.

Fair Exchange

Dieffenbachstraße 58, 10967 Berlin

U8 Schönleinstraße

Tel.: +49 (0)30 694 46 75

Mo-Fr: 11-19h, Sa: 10-18h

Located in one of the prettiest areas of Kreuzberg, Fair Exchange epitomizes the concept of the “neighborhood bookshop.” Its walls are littered with a vast array of classic, contemporary and travel new and used books in both english and german. Here you’ll find some rare classic finds as well as the hippest contemporary novels at a fair price. It’s cozy atmosphere and affable staff make it a great place to read away the afternoon.