Wednesday October 21st, 2015

Busking through the city of Berlin

In Berlin, in nearly every season, you’ll walk past a busker or street performer on many corners of the city, especially places like Alexanderplatz, East Side Gallery or Mauerpark.

Busking in Berlin has become a street performers ritual!

You can live on it, but you cannot base your life on it; you can do it, but you cannot count on doing it; and the street decides whether you are to stay or go.

Musicians, artists, circus performers and magicians come from far and wide, some say it’s the most artistic city in the world!

Most are drawn to the creative, alternative scene in Prenzlauerberg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg as opposed to the quieter, western side of the city.

A paradise for buskers is Mauerpark. It’s also the only park in Berlin where musicians can play amplified music without a permit. On sunny Sundays, the park averages 40,000 visitors.

Typically it requires a permit, and permits are expensive and hard to get. Mauerpark and some alternative corners may be the last few spots where both musicians and the public can enjoy the music.

The organization Friends of Mauerpark wants to keep Mauerpark on the map as a living Volkspark.

Since the law does not allow music, they drafted an agreement with the government allowing music to be played within the park as long as the sound does not carry to the street.

Take a stroll through the streets, train stations and hotspots of Berlin to get an inside look at the world of buskers.

That is why the charm of Berlin is not about its rather ugly buildings or its undetermined weather but its very alternative atmosphere.

Buskin for Berlin – the documentary by Carl Tomich shows a unique story into the lives of some of the most talented performers and explores the Berlin street life.

Trailer and digital download on .

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