Citystay Hostel Dining Tips: Toca Rogue

Photograph by Christopher Schmidt via Flickr Creative Commons Hungry for Asian food with a twist? Try one of Berlin’s most famous Asian-fusion restaurants, Toca Rogue. This cozy, intimate restaurant is located in Mitte–and pretty close to Citystay Hostel. It’s a great place if you need to retreat from the cold, too. Photograph by Igor Schwarzmann via Flickr Creative Commons Here, you can fill your belly with mouthwatering dishes like Devon read more…


Citystay Hostel Travel Tips: Cafe Einstein

Photograph by paula soler-moya via Flickr Creative Commons Take a break for some breakfast and coffee in one of Berlin’s legendary establishments. Known for its delicious fresh-brewed coffee, mouth-watering apple strudel, and intellectual atmosphere, this local hub is not to be missed. Photograph by Jesse Garrison via Flickr Creative Commons It’s also a great place for people-watching, as many of Berlin’s top officials gather in this intellectually stimulating cafe.


Top 5 Places to Experience Turkish Culture in Berlin

Kreuzberg, Berlin. Photo by VisitBerlin via Flickr Creative Commons. Berlin’s cultural mix is dominated by the Turkish community. They helped rebuild the country, produced several famed football players, millionaires, artists and politicians, as well a mouthwatering cuisine. With over 2.6 million Turks in Germany and 170,000 in Berlin, they are by far the largest ethnic minority in the country. Due to the labor shortage after the Second World War, the read more…


Döner in Berlin!

Photograph via Flickr Creative Commons   The scent of fresh meat roasting on a spit will have your mouth watering and your stomach rumbling. Turkish Döner is Berlin’s healthier version of McDonald’s: incredibly addicting, fast and wallet friendly. These filling snacks are a city favorite where urbanites nosh on it for lunch or dinner but most especially after a heady night of clubbing. There is even secret parties dedicated to read more…


Citystay Travel Tip: Budget Foodie Tip

Hungry? On a shoestring budget? Citystay has a great tip for travelers eager to experience life in the city without going broke! Check out VOKUS! Vokus are eateries located inside artist squats and cultural centers that offer weekly meals for 1 to 2 \. It’s also a great way to immerse yourself in the local scene and meet some fellow budget conscious folks. You can check out the different locations read more…