International in Berlin: Sweden

Berlin is still a magnet for youg people from all over the world. Artists, musicians, tourists, backpacker, students and so on. Some stay just for some days, some manage to settle down a bit. But what, if you get hit by „Heimweh“ (homesick)? Or, as a resident, you may wanna know, what all these expads enjoy in their home country 🙂 Here we go: a (not complete) list of shops, read more…


Our Beer selection for the EFC 2016

On every day, one of the following teams is playing, we serve you a beer from their home country. Enjoy! England London – Pride & Samuel Smith Italy – Peroni France – Kronenbourg Poland – Lech Espagne – Estrella Damm Sweden – Carlsberg Belgium – La Chouffe (Craftbeer) Czech Republic – Pilsener Urquell


Parks in Berlin … we visited them for you :-) – Part 2

Gleisdreieck – Kreuzberg Here we go with our second park check at citystay hostel. Temperatures are rising, love is in the air. And we love love 🙂 What about going into one of the beutiful parks in Berlin? What about this new park at Gleisdreieck? Build on an former Trainstation of Anhalter and Potsdamer Güterbahnhofs at Gleisdreieck it was opened between 2011 and 2014. You can still find relicts of read more…


European Football Championchip 2016

As you may noticed, Germany and, of course, the whole continent, is waiting for the Europeen Foodball Championchip. The citystay Hostel Berlin, especially the staff, is waiting for it as well. So, here are some informations about this thrilling event: Shedule of the matches: Qualifying Round Group A – France, Romania, Albania, Switzerland Friday, 10th June 2016 09:00 pm : France – Romania Saturday, 11th June 2016       read more…


International in Berlin : Russia

As you may know, Berlin is one of the most international cities in germany. Since ages it was a magnet for people from all over the world. Due to it’s location in the middle of europe, it was always a door to the east of europe. So, a lot of international communities established in Berlin. Here is on of them: 100.000 russian based people live in Berlin and of course, read more…